F1 Cars: Formula One News and Links

I am a pretty avid fan of F1 even though the FIA seems to always be trying their best to mess things up.

See below for useful links to keep up to date with the world of Formula 1.

F1 News Sites


Crash used to be my favourite F1 site. I orginally moved away from it when the layout became quite crowded. It has very good quality articles and is very quick to update details about qualifying times.

One nice thing about Crash is that they have articles about all forms of motorsport. Generally the main page is interspersed with the latest racing news, including rally, bikes and F1.

It has user comments, although often they are not worth reading!

GP Update

GP Update has very up to date information. Looking for new developments through winter, GP Update had good data up very quickly about the latest news and car developments in F1.

There are a few good sites available that provide top F1 information for free. There seems to be a lot of duplication across the sites.


Autosport have some premium articles and limit the number of articles you can read each month. Generally I only read them if there is something of particular interest and is not a premium article.

F1 Team Sites