Picasa - Free Image/Photo Organizer Program For Creating Online Galleries And Much More

Picasa was bought by Google as well as providing you with an online web gallery, it features software you can freely download to help keep track of images and photos on your computer.

Picasa has the following features:

  • Searches for images and photos on your computer that you may not know you had.
  • Move and rename image and photos on your computer.
  • Picasa provides editing features to turn a photo in that perfect image.
  • Make labels for easy grouping and creation of image slideshows.
  • Rate your images so you can easily find the best ones to show your friends.
  • An image/photo can be shown in multiple albums.
  • Keep photos private by adding passwords to albums.
  • Picasa provides great photo sharing features. Email a photo album to a friend, create a photo album on your website.
  • Printing options. Helps you resize pictures to fit your printer or help with moving to professional printing websites.
  • Backup photos as archives, to a network, or create slide shows for a CD.
  • Picasa can turn your images and photos into a movie, screensaver, poster or picture collage.

A pretty impressive list of features for a free program. Picasa, Googles free image/photo download gift to you.