SlimeBall - One Of The Hardest Games Ever Made

SlimeBall is a very simple game to learn, but an incredibly difficult one to master. It is also pretty fun to play if you enjoy a challenge and can stand being beaten by a computer a lot.

It is a derivitation of volleyball. You can play against the computer or against a friend.

Here are some Slimeball tips:

The first level of SlimeBall is actually a lot harder than the second level. The Pathetic White Slime will probably make your life hell when you start playing. Once you have some skill behind you, I find playing high into the back court works well. The Pathetic White Slime will sometimes not time a backwards jump.

Level 2 of Slimeball brings you, Angry Red Slimonds. I find this the easiest slime to beat. He falls for the same tactic as the Pathetic White Slime and will often drop his serve short. This is easily taken, so be ready to run in for Angry Red Slimonds.

The slimeball in level 3 was giving me hell until I figured out that it often misses long low flat returns. It may totally miss hitting the ball or hit it into the ground in front of it. I just keep returned it low and wait for the mistake. Once you get the hang of it, it is easy.

SlimeBall's fourth level makes me want to cry because it is so difficult. Pyscho Slime is a blue and white flashing slime of pain. I can get the odd point, but it is mainly luck and I can't pin a tactic that works all the time. He has a nasty serve where he knocks it off the back wall and jumps up... where he may knock it over your head or let it go. Get ready for the letting it go and be prepared to quickly run back if he hits it.

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