Best Mobile Phone Review Websites

Good sites for mobile/cell phone reviews. It always pays to do some investigation of any mobile phone you intend to purchase. It can save you the pain of owning a mobile phone that does not meet your requirements.

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How To Make Loads Of Money And Become Rich

How can you afford all those dreams you keep having?

There are plenty of people that have managed to rise from poverty and make it into the upper salary ranges.

Here is a list of possible solutions to making money and becoming rich:

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Virtual Bartender Girl 1 and 2 Commands - Try Here

Note: Tammy the Virtual Bartender is on display in all her glory for you to try out these commands.

Note 2: There is a new Virtual Bartender featuring two lovely ladies, Trisha and Lisa, that can be found under our first Virtual Bartender, Tammy.

Virtual Bartender is more a link for the guys. Tell Playboy Tammy your wishes and see what she is willing to do. All commands I know are listed at the end.

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Flash Helicopter Game

Flash Helicopter Game

This little flash game is very simple, very effective and an enjoyable distraction. Guide your helicopter through a cave using the left and right mouse buttons to control your height. Maps are generated at random, so don't bother trying to memorize them.

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Google Solitaire: Our Selection of Solitaire in its Various Forms

A lot of people Google Solitaire looking for this most popular of games for wasting away a bit of time. It would be an interesting statistic to see how much lost productivity is caused by Solitaire in offices around the world. Anyway, on with the game. Instead of Google Solitaire, try World of Solitaire. They provide a number of different links to Solitaire games and these are listing below where you can play Solitaire online.

  • Aces Up Solitaire
  • Baker's Dozen
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    2 Flash Games


    2flashgames has a massive choice of flash games. There is a rating system and you can sort by Name A-Z, Newest to Oldest, Lowest Rated to Highest and Most Popular.

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    Peasant's Quest (Trogdor game)

    Peasant's Quest

    Peasant's Quest is a old school text based adventure game in the style of a Sierra game such as King's Quest. It is set in the world of Trodgor the Burninator. You are a peasant seeking to find Trodgor and wreak your revenge.

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