SmugMug - No Ads, Unlimited Photo Storage For Your Photo Gallery

SmugMug is one of the more popular photo gallery storage sites. This is because they have earned a very good reputation by providing a top photo gallery front end combined with client pleasing customer service.

If you sign up for a SmugMug account, you will have near unlimited photo gallery storage. SmugMug's photo storage solution is a bit different to other popular alternatives, because you have to pay for it.

An account starts at $39.95 for one year. There is a free 14 day trial available to see what the fuss is about. What will you get for your money?

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Tax Haven List, Links and Information

Tax Havens are countries etc that allow business or people to avoid or significantly reduce the amount of tax they might pay.

Places like China (Hong Kong inclusive) has a corporate tax rate of 17% which is more than half that in the United States which would be an attractive tax haven for companies.

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) is an organisation that wants to ruin their party and tries to get all countries to implement fair taxes across the world. They claim, "In 2000, we identified 47 potentially harmful preferential tax regimes in OECD countries. Of those regimes, 19 regimes have been abolished, 14 have been amended to remove their potentially harmful features, 13 were found not to be harmful and only one has been found to be harmful."

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Remove Windows Services - Recover Wasted CPU And Memory

This article provides tips and recommendations for removal of Windows XP system services. Default Windows XP installs usually have a lot of services running in the background that many users don't really need. These Windows services take up CPU and memory resources that sometimes may be better used for other tasks that you actually do want to run.

Check out the article to find out which Windows services you may not need to be running and can perhaps remove.

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Razer - High End Gaming Mice And Other Computer Gaming Products

Razer specialise in providing gamers with the best tools to beat the opposition into submission. If you need that special edge against your computer game opposition, high end gaming products such as those provided by Razer should increase the skill level you are able to achieve.

Starting off with the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse, Razer have now moved into other high end peripheral devices such as keyboards, sounds cards, headphones, mouse pads and cable management systems. Products such as four gaming mice, Razer Copperhead, Razer Diamondback, Razer Krait and the Microsoft Habu front their current line up.

Razer are very popular with gamers in the FPS (First Person Shooter) market and other games like RTS (Realtime Strategy Games) and MMOGs (Real-Time Strategy).

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Picasa - Free Image/Photo Organizer Program For Creating Online Galleries And Much More

Picasa was bought by Google as well as providing you with an online web gallery, it features software you can freely download to help keep track of images and photos on your computer.

Picasa has the following features:

  • Searches for images and photos on your computer that you may not know you had.
  • Move and rename image and photos on your computer.
  • Picasa provides editing features to turn a photo in that perfect image.
  • Make labels for easy grouping and creation of image slideshows.
  • Rate your images so you can easily find the best ones to show your friends.
  • An image/photo can be shown in multiple albums.
  • Keep photos private by adding passwords to albums.
  • Picasa provides great photo sharing features. Email a photo album to a friend, create a photo album on your website.
  • Printing options. Helps you resize pictures to fit your printer or help with moving to professional printing websites.
  • Backup photos as archives, to a network, or create slide shows for a CD.
  • Picasa can turn your images and photos into a movie, screensaver, poster or picture collage.

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Mesothelioma And High Paying Adsense Keywords

Mesothelioma, what is it?

Mesothelioma has long been among the highest paying keyword for pay per click programs like Google's Adsense.

Mesothelioma is a cancer commonly associated with asbestos poisioning... and hence, lawyers and associated lawsuits. The cancer causes malignant cells develop in the mesothelium which is a protective lining for many internal organs.

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Scorched Earth Game - 3D Version

Scorched Earth was an old game that many people came to enjoy. I found some of the simple old games offer more fun than most of the recent games. These days they concentrate on graphics and marketing. Earlier games had to concentrate more on an ideas and gameplay.

This 3D version of Scorched Earth didn't grab my attention for very long. I found the controls a bit too frustrating for the short attention span I had at the time I tried Scorched 3D. A lot of effort has gone into Scorched 3D and there are some additional features not available in the original game.

Give Scorched 3D a go. People new to the Scorched experience and us old timers might find some enjoyment here.

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